Hello there,

I’m Wendy, a personal trainer and writer. Welcome to my blog.

I have been a Personal Trainer for more years than I care to admit and have been writing for even longer.

I recently finished a  training and diet book which is aimed at women 40+ who like food and the odd glass of wine, but still want to look great. It is a gym based 12-week challenge. I have included my diary from when I did the programme, so there is constant encouragement,  lots of laughs, and advice for when you trip up! Now let’s hope someone wants to publish it.

It’s all very exciting and I hope to share my writing and publishing journey with you, as well as my views and experiences on everything health and fitness related.

My first novel draft is finished and ready to be sent off to my favoured agent. So I’ll let you know how that goes too. Hopefully, I may be able to give you some how – or how not, as the case may be – get your work published. Feel free to share your tips with me too, I’ll probably need all the help I can get!

After speaking with many other writers, I am most proud of the fact that I have finished every piece of work I have ever started. This includes a Personal Training business instructional module for WABBA, the above two books and every story I ever started. I must go as my halo has slipped around my neck!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Wendy X



  1. Hi Julie,
    I’m sorry if I have already sent this, but I’ve never done this on my blog before.

    I have been busy trying to recover the entire contents of my novel so not been here this week.
    I think we have met actually, just before your wedding. I used to train with Roy and Flint years ago.

    Congratulations on your book deal! I’m just at the stage of sending off synopsis etc to agents and publishers myself.

    Julie has my number, so perhaps we could meet up for a chat sometime. Your book looks great, I don’t have children but It doesn’t stop me enjoying kids books.

    Kind regards


  2. hi wendy
    thanks for replying,im very sorry but i dont remember you lol. time has just flown by so quickly. yeah sending of stuff to agents and publishers is very trying but dont give up. whats your book about. if i be honest with you i dont really remember meeting flint lol. stan and i have been married now for 16 yrs nearly. be nice to catch up and chat sometime.



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