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To NaNo or not to NaNo?




Last year I was a NaNoWriMo winner as I completed over 50,000 words of my novel in 30 days. The experience not only gave me a push on my new book but I found a writing group, new friends and the opportunity to attend a writers’ seminar about getting my book published.

As NaNo prep approaches, I am trying to decide whether to attempt to finish my novel from last year – not easy as it is 3/4 written but needs fleshing out and finishing – or start on the sequel to my first novel Wandering on the Treadmill. I must admit the freedom that NaNoWriMo gives you to say SOD OFF! to housework, cooking and annoying people who think writing isn’t your main job so it’s not important, is priceless. Plus the support from the NaNo staff and other writers is amazing!

I think I’m going to GO FOR IT. Let’s face it, even if I get 30,000 words done, it will still be 10,000 more than I did in the last year. I haven’t been procrastinating, I’ve been working on a biography for someone, writing assignments for my Writers’ Bureau course (Now finished!) and practicing my short story writing through my writing group promps.

So, it’s decided. Once more into the fray I go in November, armed with chapter notes, a take-away menu and the knowledge that I am not alone. Good luck to any of you out there who are going for it again this year. xx

Let’s hope I can get another of these this year.


I have been a Personal Trainer for about 23 years and I still love training and the buzz it gives me but writing has always been a part of my life. I think I wrote my first book at the age of 10. My grandmother said I would be a novelist one day and she was right - as all grandmothers often are! I live with my boyfriend Carl, we have 2 huskies who make us laugh every day, except when pulling us into bushes to chase after squirrels! I have also written a Diet and Fitness book for women over 40.

3 thoughts on “To NaNo or not to NaNo?

  1. This is my first year, in the past I always forget to signup until mid-November. I’m prepping by outlining my entry with flow and major plot points. I want to be able to start writing on Nov 1st without staring at blank page.

    And, I agree that it doesn’t matter how many words – still closer to finishing. I’m looking forward to using November as an experiment on finding a good schedule that balancing writing with my reality. Of course, I’m taking advantage of online forums where past participants mention importance of stocking up on supplies so you can concentrate on writing. There will be plenty of microwave meals, chocolate, and flavored water in the house. Fortunately, most of my bills are paid automatically so internet and power will be available.

    Happy writing…


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