Eat Beets for Faster Feets!

You can’t beat organic veg

As you probably know by now, I  am a great advocate of eating organic fruit and veg whenever possible as it contains more vitamins and minerals than non organic. Abel & Cole are the lovely people who deliver mine each week and on this months blog, they had some interesting information about beetroot and it’s effect on  sports performance which I found fascinating as a Personal Trainer. Read on:

Beetroot bowl

You know beetroot is a multitalented little veg (it’s as delicious in  soup as it is in chocolate cake).  Did you know that it also helps if you’re a runner, bean?

Purple beets are full of naturally occurring chemicals called nitrates, which scientists have found can enhance sporting performances. But you don’t have to be a marathon runner to benefit.

It’s known to reduce blood pressure and researchers believe it could help people with cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases.

Beetroot. It might turn your pee pink, but it makes exercise less tiring. Result!

Just before I read this, I had been running along Southend seafront with my dog Chinook and commented on how I had sprinted longer and harder than I had in a  while. So, had I eaten beetroot? Yes! All week, I had been eating beetroot and walnut Hummous (from Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall’s Veg everyday!) and I must also comment how quickly I recovered. 

So eat Beets for Faster Feets! -sorry, that’s really bad.


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