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Body blog

Had a great workout with Carl and the dogs today. We went to one tree hill and ran up most of the hills! Jolly good for thighs and butt.


As its chilly today, I have cooked a beef and vegetable casserole which ill have with some organic spring greens. I brought some measuring spoons yesterday so I can check on the amount of oil I’m using – 1 tspn to saute onions and garlic.


High protein low fat. Lovely!



I have been a Personal Trainer for about 23 years and I still love training and the buzz it gives me but writing has always been a part of my life. I think I wrote my first book at the age of 10. My grandmother said I would be a novelist one day and she was right - as all grandmothers often are! I live with my boyfriend Carl, we have 2 huskies who make us laugh every day, except when pulling us into bushes to chase after squirrels! I have also written a Diet and Fitness book for women over 40.

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